Corporate and Employer Branding in the Emerging 'New Normal

Donella Roberts
Author: Donella Roberts
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In the emerging ‘new normal’ post Covid-19 pandemic corporate and employer branding is set to become one of the most critical investments for accounting firms, or indeed any business, to attract and retain clients and staff. 

This short article offers a series of questions to prompt you to consider how you could evolve your corporate and employer branding and build brand strength in the ‘new normal'.

Corporate Branding

A strong corporate brand is essential for any product or service to differentiate itself from the competition and build a base of loyal clients. Your corporate brand can be communicated to your audience in many ways, including marketing collateral, company website, social media channels, blog, published articles or interviews, advertising,  and customer reviews.

Useful questions to evolve your corporate brand in the 'new normal':

  • How can we improve our marketing messages to ensure transparency and reassure our clients during these uncertain times?
  • What new ways of doing business will we keep going forward and how will we market these to clients? E.g. remote work, contactless interviews, digital workflows
  • How will we position our firm as post-Covid experts?

Employer Branding

Companies should be proactively searching for innovative solutions which help them to retain and attract employees and make them an employer of choice in a post-Covid market.

Useful questions to evolve your employer brand in the 'new normal':

  • What can our management team do to specifically recognise each employee’s contribution during this challenging period?
  • What is our firms unique value proposition for current and potential employees post Covid-19 pandemic? E.g.
    • How are we protecting our team's health and wellbeing?
    • How are we supporting job security?
    • How are we supporting flexible working arrangements and work/life balance?
    • What distinctive value do we offer professionals based on their career stage? Entry level, Mid career, Senior level?
  • How can we best communicate our employer brand and set our firm apart as an employer of choice in our communications? E.g. careers site, job descriptions, job ads, intranet, social media channels.


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